Calibrite is dedicated to providing the very best solutions for photographers, filmmakers, designers and content creators who love colour and demand the very best tools for their colour-critical workflow.
Calibrite is calibration done right.
We believe in the power of an expertly colour-managed workflow to transform how creative people work. We know that when all the devices in your workflow, from cameras to monitors to printers, are professionally profiled, your editing process gets exponentially more precise, faster and more productive. Most of all, we understand the freedom that follows when all you have to focus on is being your most creative.
Our company name is new, but all our products will now share a very familiar name: ColorChecker.
We’ve partnered with X-Rite who will continue as our trusted manufacturer as we look forward to better satisfying the needs of our customers.

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Calibrite ColorChecker Classic Mini

Zu versenden > 5 Stück
ohne MwSt. 61.45 € 73.74 €

Calibrite ColorChecker Video

Zu versenden > 5 Stück
ohne MwSt. 122.9 € 147.48 €

Calibrite ColorChecker Classic Nano

Zu versenden > 5 Stück
ohne MwSt. 165 € 198 €

Calibrite ColorChecker Classic

Zu versenden 4 Stück
ohne MwSt. 79.89 € 95.87 €

Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

Zu versenden 3 Stück
ohne MwSt. 107.53 € 129.04 €

Calibrite ColorChecker Display

Zu versenden 3 Stück
ohne MwSt. 153.62 € 184.34 €

Calibrite ColorChecker Display Pro

Zu versenden 3 Stück
ohne MwSt. 225.31 € 270.37 €

Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video

Zu versenden 2 Stück
ohne MwSt. 138.27 € 165.92 €

Calibrite ColorChecker Display Plus

Zu versenden 1 Stück
ohne MwSt. 250 € 300 €

Calibrite ColorChecker Studio

Zu versenden 2 Stück
ohne MwSt. 500 € 600 €